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Bangis Pills is a generic term for all  Bangis Labs-created pills. It is also the name of our main conditioning pill in Red and Yellow capsules symbolizing the colors of Bangis Game Farm logo.

We offer a new way of conditioning your fowls that is very different from traditional conditioning method.  We call this Progressive Conditioning Program (PCP) – a conditioning method that is not only radical but revolutionary as well. The way we condition our fowls is different and will be frowned upon because it does not conform to the traditional. PCP challenges the status quo of conditioning roosters.

With this in mind we have formulated, developed and tested in the pit these potent capsules that contains natural nutrients and superfoods to help condition your fowls for the fight of their lives. We tested it ourselves several times in the pit and we also allowed other sabungeros to test it on their roosters with favorable efficacy and results.

These capsules are given everyday progressively until fight day at certain times and day for maximum effect. You do not need any other supplements when your fowl is on Bangis Pills. Giving more than our conditioning pills is totally up to you but we do not recommend it. On its own, it is already proven safe and effective conditioning method for gamefowls by the “masang sabungeros” themselves.  Several testimonies support and prove this and you can read them all here.

“Our Kabangis Group Members Are Happy with Bangis Pills!”

These testimonials are from individuals who are legitimate users of Bangis Pills.  You can contact them via Facebook and ask for their experiences with our product. Some users don’t want to reveal themselves due to certain reasons like being secretive about the pill for competitive advantage or due to their work restrictions.  

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